MBA in Germany without GMAT

Can You Pursue an MBA in Germany Without GMAT?

Have you decided to pursue a postgraduate course in the fields of business, management, or marketing from a German University? Are you afraid of taking the GMAT? If the answer is yes, then your next question might be ‘Is it possible to do an MBA from German universities without taking the GMAT?’

Germany is one of the top European countries offering management courses in various specializations. Over the years, it has become a preferred destination for higher studies abroad among international students. However, most MBA aspirants are not certain whether they can pursue an MBA without GMAT scores in Germany. In this blog, we will provide you with the answer to this query, and also with a list of German universities that offer MBAs without the GMAT!

How to Pursue MBA in Germany Without GMAT

GMAT scores are one of the most important admission requirements sought by top business schools around the globe; including those in Germany. However, you can pursue an MBA in Germany without GMAT as there are some universities where the scores from the competitive exam are not a mandatory admission requirement. For such courses, the basic eligibility criteria is a Bachelor’s degree. Even if you do not have a GRE GMAT equivalent, you can get admission to these universities based on the following factors:

  • Good academic grades in your graduation.
  • Few years of relevant work experience
  • Effective letters of recommendation

Now, if you are planning to do an MBA in Germany, here is a list of universities that do not require GMAT scores for admissions.

  1. Technical University Of Munich
  2. University Of Kiel
  3. Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
  4. University Of Tubingen
  5. Dresden International University
  6. AccadisHochschule Bad Homburg
  7. Berlin School of Economics and Law
  8. AkademieWürth Business School
  9. University Of Stuttgart
  10. Cologne Business School (CBS)

Why MBA in Germany

Germany is one of the most sought-after countries for pursuing an MBA currently. Around 13% of the total students in German Universities are from other countries. Therefore, let us see why students are opting for MBAs from universities in this European nation:

  • ●       Excellent curriculum: Most MBA specializations offered in German universities focus not only on teaching concepts but also on equipping you with the changing industry trends in the field of study you choose. The institutions also provide you with the opportunity to conduct research projects, along with the standard academic curriculum.
  • Top Ranking MBA Schools: According to the QS Rankings 2021, 5 German schools are listed among the top 100 MBA colleges in the world. Along with high-quality education, these universities also offer relevant and intensive industry experience to their students.
  • Lesser Fees: Most German universities are funded by the government. Hence, these institutions charge significantly lesser tuition fees when compared to other countries such as the USA, France, UK, etc. In fact, some of the universities also offer free tuition, making Germany a favorite among MBA aspirants.
  • Scholarships: The German Government provides financial aid to international students. These scholarships are generally offered to competent students coming from unprivileged backgrounds. However, if you are planning to apply for the scholarships, we suggest you check the official websites of the respective universities in order to learn more about their eligibility requirements.

Pursuing an MBA from Germany is possible even if you do not appear for the GMAT. However, the requirements vary from university to university. Hence, before arriving at a decision, do check the universities’ websites.

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