Internet History Tracking App for Android

Internet History Tracking App for Android

The use of the internet and digital networks has gone to the next level in the last few years. Almost all the individuals around the globe, of all age groups, use the internet for the accomplishment of their activities.

The excessive use of the internet by the kids over their phones has changed the dynamics of communication all the way for them. It is observed that a large number of kids are reached and contacted by cyber criminals over the internet space.

Owing to this reason, the parents are finding this hard to restrict the access of the cyber criminals to their kids over the internet space. Another major source of harassing the kids is social media.

Social media has a large number of unverified and unidentified users that act as cyber criminal, pressing the kids for executing their unlawful objectives.

Plenty of such criminals harass and bully the kids for getting financial credentials of their parents; these credentials are then used by the criminals to gain monetary benefits.

Above all of these issues, there is a more pressing concern for the parents regarding their kids. It is about the excessive involvement of the kids in viewing inappropriate and immoral content.

The kids, in addition to their friends, start getting addicted to viewing substandard images and videos that they are not supposed to be concerned of. Thus, the parents look to find a mechanism that can put them in full swing of control over their kids’ online activities.

The best solution in this aspect that is suggested by the experts to the parents is the use of an internet history tracking app for android cell phones. This is because a major proportion of kids use android mobile phones; thus using a browser history tracker will earn a fair bit of control to the parents over their kids.

There are a lot of spying applications that claim to offer extensive monitoring features and functions in tracking the child’s activities. The best in this aspect is OgyMogy.

The service is primarily aimed at serving the parents in the monitoring of their kids. The android spy app is highly recommended and acknowledged by its current users. All that the parent needs to do is to buy a subscription of the spy app and need to install the app in the target android device.

The app does all the spying activity without providing any hint to the target child because if the child gets to know about the spying activity, an appropriate behavior can be triggered, which can be hard to handle by the parent.

The app has a number of promising features that can serve all the needs of the parents by all means. The features are as follows.

Tracking all the internet and browsing history

The spy app allows tracking all the browsing history of the target android device. The app can also monitor all contacts, calendars, appointments, and other data of mobile storage.

Using this feature, the parent will be able to know what the child is browsing over the internet. If there is any suspicious activity, the parent will be able to know about the same.

Blocking number of websites

A number of websites can be blocked for access by the child. These websites are the ones that contain inappropriate and immoral content.

Once blocked, the same URLs will not remain accessible from the mobile phone of the child.

Social media monitoring

All the social media usage by the target user can be tracked and monitored. The parent can monitor all the activities of the kids while using social networks. Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat and others remain in full control of the parent.

Live screen recording

All the activities that are performed over the internet can be recorded live in the form of short clips. These short videos of specific duration assigned by the parent are stored over the dashboard of the spy app.

The parent can monitor the activities live and can access the videos later from the dashboard.


Internet history tracking is a pressing concern for parents. For addressing the same concern, the best solution is OgyMogy. It can be installed on android devices without any hassle. The working of the app is discussed.

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