Mugshot Removal

Things to keep in mind about Mugshot Removal

Mugshots are all part of the public record, which means that anybody may request them. As a result, several websites have sprung up that provide easy access to any mugshot taken after someone has been arrested. For some people, this can be humiliating, and it can lead to issues in the future, such as the loss of work possibilities.

When is it necessary to take a mugshot?

After someone has been arrested and is being booked, mugshots are taken. Only if you have been formally arrested will a mugshot be taken. If you are being questioned in a police station, they will not be taken. If the accusations against you are dismissed, the mugshot will remain on the public record, and you will have to seek to remove mugshots in writing.

Is it Legal for Websites to Display Mugshots?

It is perfectly lawful for any website to show mugshots because they are public records. If the website demands a price to remove mugshots, they are no longer in compliance with the law. In certain areas, such as Illinois, it is illegal for websites to charge a fee to remove criminal record information. If a website in Illinois breaches this, the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practice Act can be used to prosecute them.

What Happens If the Records Are Erased?

Your mugshot will still be viewable online if your criminal records have been erased. Expunged records are erased from government databases and are no longer searchable. However, because your mugshot is not part of a government database, expungement will not be able to remove it if it is viewable online.

What is the procedure for having your records expunged?

You must complete specific requirements to remove mugshots. It is advised that you consult with an attorney about this. If you can, they will be able to assist you in having your records wiped.

What Happens If You Have Charges Dropped Against You?

Being arrested may hurt your job prospects and be highly embarrassing. This is made worse by the fact that your mugshot is publicly available. The difficulty is that even if the accusations against you are dismissed, your mugshot will remain public. While the mugshot is accessible, it does not reveal the entire story, which can result in a slew of issues.

If a potential employer sees your mugshot, they won’t know the charges were dismissed, and they could conclude you’re guilty. You must get your record wiped if the accusations against you have been dismissed. While the mugshot will not be removed from the internet, you will be able to produce the expungement to any website and remove mugshots accordingly.

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Online Mugshots?

The basic answer is that it is ridiculous to expect you to be able to eliminate them. Mugshots are public records, and websites that display them are not violating the law. You have the right to have your mugshot removed, and you should not be penalized for it. It’s doubtful that you’ll be able to get the mugshot removed if you’re guilty of the offense. If your records are purged, you may usually request that the mugshot be erased as well.

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