Recruitment Of Talented Employees For Business Growth

Recruitment Of Talented Employees For Business Growth

Recruitment of top talents is the priority of any organization. The current job scenario implies that talented people can lead a company towards more growth and prosperity. Along with the leader, employees are responsible for the accomplishment of a common goal. To recruit top talents, managers are needed to be creative and diligent. Recruitment of skilled and qualified employees in an organization enhances productivity, safety, independence, values, and quality of work. The recruitment of talented employees can lead businesses to prosperity.

For the growth of any organization, an effective recruitment process is necessary. If you have a look at Sheldon Inwentash net worth, you will understand how successful he is as an entrepreneur. But it requires making sure that talent management should be sustained so that employees may feel more engaged and motivated. It should be a constant process to retain the best efforts of talented employees. Following are the different steps that will develop the strategies to recruit top talents for the organization’s success.

  1. Social Media 

Social media sites provide the best platforms to search for skilled employees. It acts as a great recruiting tool. Organizations can post jobs online with brief job descriptions for the network. Social media platforms allow two-way conversation between the human resource and applicant. Even if the person is not interested in the job profile, then he/she can suggest another person who will be the best fit for it.

  1. Career Pages and Job Boards

According to the Lever Recruiting Benchmark Report 2016, it was found that around 31% of total recruitment of candidates is sourced while 16% were referred. The organization’s career page or job boards attract new candidates. 

  • Career Pages – These are formulated and designed to attract the eye of candidates. This page convinces them to get to the conclusion that this is the organization where they wanted to work. On this page, candidates can view the gallery of the organization. Organizations can showcase their culture, working environment, and achievements with the help of photos, videos, articles, etc.
  • Job Boards – The job boards are also an alternative to attract more insights. These boards are used by the organization to post a job opening and fascinate the candidate. It is the search engine that helps the candidates to find suitable jobs. Healthcare, Entertainment, Restaurant, Sport, and Government sectors have specific job boards.
  1. Referrals

The referral is the best way to recruit the best candidates. It is often considered a powerful job search tool. It is referred to as the internal method to find good applicants. Also, this method reduces time and cost wastage. Leaders like Bob Iger find skilled employees by asking the existing employees for recommendations, and in return, they reward them. It increases employee retention rate. The recruiters directly communicate with the candidate, research on social media, and converse with them using different mediums, including emails, texting and blog posts.


The success of an organization completely depends on the performance of employees. The company needs to emphasize every step of the recruitment process from sourcing and screening of recruitment. Sheldon Inwentash net worth proves that he is a successful entrepreneur, businessman, and leader. He recruited talented people to be part of his business. These talented people work together to achieve a common goal.

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