International SEO in 2021: Four Key Takeaways

International SEO in 2021: Four Key Takeaways

You need the right combination of strategies and techniques to succeed in the field of International SEO. Along with a good knowledge of the field, you must also possess the ability to execute your plans. With the coming of the pandemic, all the sectors shifted further to online modes of working and started looking for much more effective techniques to grow their brand further. To achieve success in international SEO, you need to understand a lot of things like page URL structure, SERPs, page experience, and much more.

You need to look at things from a global perspective and have to understand the features of international SEO. In today’s time, a maximum number of searches are conducted with the help of search engines and that has increased the significance of SEO even further. You must have effective methods to expand your business and progress.

Here are some of the international SEO strategies that need to be kept in mind while competing with big companies.

Selecting the correct URL structure

Once you have opted to go for international SEO and have decided to deal with the target audience at new locations, you need to consider the correct URLs. This is achieved with the help of country code top-level domains (TLDs), subdirectories, and sub-domains.

Depending on the availability of resources, the URL structure to be used is decided. Based on your capabilities and strategy, you can decide what will work best for your company. However, looking at the current scenario, the best method is to use TLDs if you can handle multiple domains at a time.

If the use of TLDs is not suitable for you then subdomains are the next best option for you. If neither of these resources is available then the only option left with you is to use subdirectories.

Page Experience

If you stay updated with the policies of Google, you will get to know that its focus is on enhancing the on-page experience. This is an important thing that needs to be kept in mind if you are handling international SEO. Also, one of the major parts of the on-page experience is a mobile-first index. Google had given preference to mobile-only index as the majority of the searches have started taking place through mobile phones. Mobile-first is a global issue and you cannot ignore it if you are setting up your business in international locations.

Avoid doing machine translation

When you are working internationally, you should avoid using machine translations as it may lead to translation errors. When you are doing translation, there can be several errors that can be found by the content writers. This happens because when the translation takes place from one dialect or language to another, there arise the chances of language nuances that cannot be detected by the machine.

Therefore, the bad translation will prevent you from increasing your position in the search rankings. You must work with the local translators that understand the value of language and your content. This will lead to the creation of a good reputation and will make the interaction easy with the users.

Keywords and SERP variations

When you start working in different areas of the world, one thing that you need to keep in mind is that SERP and keywords vary from place to place. Although the Google algorithm is universal you can find differences in local SERPs as well.

So, whenever you try to focus on specific keywords in different regions, you must take into account the SERPs. Proper analysis and research are required before making the next move. The terms used by you may convey a different meaning to the locals according to their language. Hence, you must not ignore this important aspect of international SEO while expanding your business.

Apart from this, you should also focus on generating good quality backlinks that will help in improving your rankings in the list. Getting links from an authoritative website increases the value and credibility of your content. It leads to the generation of referral traffic to your website. You must follow all the good International SEO practices to witness the growth and development of your brand. All these factors have a great impact on increasing your rankings.

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