How to manage your restaurant inventory and reduce wastes

How to manage your restaurant inventory and reduce wastes

Restaurant inventory management is of prime importance in today’s world. As per the survey conducted by Apicbase, 10% of food is wasted before it makes it onto a plate. In an era where restaurants are struggling due to the losses caused by Covid-19, you cannot afford to go through wastage of resources. The best way to tackle the problem of inventory wastage is by implementing a restaurant management software.

How restaurant management platforms help manage inventory?


Let’s look at how the software helps you cut down wastage at your restaurant. 

Live inventory tracking – If you are using manual systems, monitoring the inventory is quite a cumbersome task. However, with the help of inventory management platforms such as inresto SCM now you can track your stock levels real-time from anywhere, anytime. If you are managing multiple outlets, you will easily get to know the inventory levels at various locations.

Get alerts on minimum threshold quantities – Whenever it’s time to place the fresh order of stock, you will get alerted. As soon as you place the order, the inventory status gets updated automatically. Notifications on the current inventory status keep you updated on the stock levels.

Effective cost savings – Now you can fulfil all the requirements from the central kitchen. Based on the requirement, purchase orders are sent to the relevant vendors from the central kitchen. The platform facilitates optimum use of kitchen resources and cuts down overall grocery cost and requirement.

Eliminates inventory wastage – Overstocking of raw materials leads to inventory wastage at restaurants. Expiry of expensive food materials can burn a hole in your pocket. The software help optimise inventory levels and cut down wastage of raw materials. 

Help curb theft effectively – As per reports by Hospitalitynet, 75% of restaurant staff have stolen at least once and most will probably steal again. The inventory management platforms ensure that the supplies and raw materials are absolutely secure with the system. The option to generate reports on stock variance and pilferage aids you in getting more valuable insights.

Parting Words

Post the pandemic outbreak, the footfalls at restaurants have dropped sharply. The wafer-thin margins have added to the woes of restaurateurs. In these times, elimination of inventory wastage has become an imperative. As discussed earlier, a modern day restaurant management platform facilitates better inventory management by curbing theft and cutting down inventory wastage.

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